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The Practice
Audio calls through Series 1, 2 and 3 are provided for the student's development of a Yogastha Sadhana home practice.  It is important for both safety and proper understanding of sequences, postures, modifications, and vinyasa format that the method is learned from a thoroughly trained teacher authorized in Yogastha Sadhana.  

(If the audio call does not function through your phone, please listen to it through a tablet, laptop or desktop device.)

Series 1 Audio Call
(1 hour 29 minutes)
Series 2 Audio Call
(1 hour 41 minutes)
Series 3 Audio Call
(1 hour 37 minutes)

Below is a video demonstrating Series 1 of Yogastha Sadhana.  Use this video as a general, visual reference guide to the names and structure of poses, along with the vinyasa sequences of how the poses are linked together throughout the Series 1 practice.  It is important that this yoga method is learned by working directly with a Yogastha Sadhana teacher, so that the practitioner may mature with effective use of breath and bandhas, and that the practice develops free of bad habits or improper alignment.  There is no sound to this video.

Series 1 Video
(1 hour, 7 minutes)
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